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I’m DJ Guru

Creativity and passion create their own fusions and people just smack the older things away as soon as a newer breathe is brought into...! "Many" rock the parties and "more than many" just believe in living those tumultive instants. Yes, music belives in making people live and the composers are the Angel-Guards of this duty!!! But what of those who compose a finer tune on something already well-noted? That's a tougher task but the world, as we all know is never content and we always want more - hence an effort more to reproduce it in a different style, an experiment ti represent it in a different imagination

This made DJ GURU what he is today

About Me

Some live to leave, Some live to love, Some live to art and Some live to music. The people who live to leave are leaving a lot more behind. The people who live to love are attached to one another's soul. The people who live for art are living inside their own beautiful world. The people who live for music are the ones who put their part of happiness into the thousands of people that dance to the rhythm created. Music is a lifestyle, a feeling that can be expressed by the beats to your feets, lyrics to your heart and rhythm to your mind. The art of music is connected to the art of dance, the mixture of these two makes the world happiest at heart.

Establishing the virtuoso who hypnotize you into an ecstatic feeling with his music. DJ Guru, a transporter of fanatical music straight to your heart that would please you to dance forever. The therapy of happiness is delivered to you with some of the most desirable Bollywood and EDM numbers mixed by him. A Juveline guy with masterful hands on mixing will please you to move your feets. The kick-starting performance of every gig by DJ Guru will motivate your mind to celebrate the happiness of the moment. He has a confident appearance and truest to all your expectation of a sublime experience into feel-good music. The astounding numbers into different genres like Bollywood and EDM has captivated the hearts of audiences both nationally and internationally. Producing and composing has motivated this virtuoso during the college days itself. Along with it, he started practicing by himself and today a successful, juvenile and graceful disc jockey.

Experiencing the music by DJ Guru may not be expressed in words, but let's try! Imagine a person glance at you once and you fall for him in the same second. Imagining him again and again, faster heartbeats, finding them around again and feel passionate about their appearance every time your eyes glance! This is what is to be like when you witness the melodious numbers of DJ Guru, your heart would feel passionate about the beats that drops, your mind would remember it for like many days coming. The tingle of every hit of the music bass in your body would make you twirl more.

Life is a music, emotions are the genre and composing it is an art in yourself.

Listen to my last album ‘Bring Me Paradise’


DJ Guru has achieved the happiness into thousands of hearts during every gig, but there is more of appreciation mentioned below-

Winner of 5 War of DJ


Produced official remixes for the renowned playback singer Ramji Gulati.

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